Our advice for maintaining your Nunamae rug

Nos conseils pour entretenir votre tapis Nunamae

The strength of our Nunamae rugs lies in their durability, both in their ethical manufacturing and in their ability to withstand the passage of time. But so that they accompany you for many years to come, here are some rules to follow regarding their maintenance.

Daily maintenance

Just like our clothes, our carpets need to take care of their fibers. To rid yours of dust, crumbs and other dirt that accumulates there every day, shake it at least once a week. Then, vacuum it, if possible with a suitable brush, respecting the direction of the hair. Finally, if you can, take the time to air your carpet outdoors for a whole day at least once a year.
Please note, Jude rugs , and especially the smaller models, must be shaken horizontally due to their fragility. Also avoid vacuuming them so as not to damage their knotting.

Wash your carpet

It's possible ! All Jude et Luca recycled cotton rugs can be machine washed no more than once a month. Respect a temperature of 30°C and slow spinning to avoid damaging them. As for laundry, use the same as for your everyday laundry.
Tumble drying is not recommended for your rugs. Prefer drying in the open air, and if possible flat.
As for linen rugs, no machine washing! Head to the dry cleaners for dry cleaning.

Clean stains

Don't panic if you accidentally carry out a stain on your carpet. Fragile and delicate, the fibers must be treated quickly and above all not rubbed. First use paper towels to absorb the liquid or grease if the task has just been done. Whether your carpet is light or dark, you can use a stain remover product to apply directly to the area or with dishwashing liquid just before putting the carpet in the washing machine.
If you have the slightest doubt, we recommend that you take your carpet to the dry cleaners for professional cleaning.

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