It was during confinement that Mariana Figueiredo began to question her professional future. “I have wanted, for some time now, to see the birth of a sustainable project that would have a positive impact on the environment and society,” explains the young woman. She then remembers the superb rugs of her childhood, made by hand in the north of Portugal. In the summer of 2020, she launched Nunamae, a brand of recycled cotton rugs, made by Portuguese artisans. From the start, success was achieved.

Beautiful eco-responsible rugs

“It must be said that these rugs are particularly beautiful. “They are also incredibly soft and welcoming. It is a real pleasure to walk barefoot on them” adds Mariana Figueiredo. The founder of Nunamae wanted to highlight ancestral know-how , that of around ten artisans from the Douro region, who work on old wooden looms “With the creation of Nunamae, I am proud to contribute to maintaining jobs and paying them properly. and those who make these carpets,” she explains.
- Marie Claire