July 28, 2022: Overshoot Day

28 juillet 2022 : jour du dépassement

Like every year, the date of "overshoot day" is calculated by comparing humanity's annual consumption of ecological resources to the Earth's regeneration capacity. In 2022, humanity consumed all of the resources that nature takes a year to produce and renew this Thursday, July 28, one day earlier than in 2021.

This “ecological debt” gets worse from year to year. In 50 years, humanity has exhausted more and more quickly the annual budget of natural resources offered to us by the Earth. In 20 years, the date of “overshoot day” has moved forward by two months. Very concretely, this means that it would take 1.75 Earths to sustainably meet the needs of the world's population, according to the indicator from the NGOs Global Footprint Network and WWF.

France has been living on credit since May 2022

The indicator is used to define the overshoot day on a global scale, but also on a national scale. In France, we have been living on credit since May 5, 2022, three months before the global date! Imagine if every country in the world consumed and produced as much as France... For the NGO WWF, the objective of moving this date is possible! 10 days each year on a planetary scale, but for France, this date should be shifted by 25 days by 2027 thanks to the “Ecological planning” scenario designed with very precise objectives: halving the use of pesticides, achieve 25% of land cultivated organically, carry out 700,000 complete renovations each year, support alternatives to the car such as cycling, plant-based food and reduce the consumption of animal proteins by 20%, without forgetting the acceleration of the development of renewable energies.

Eyes bigger than your stomach

There is no doubt that human activities are to blame for this increasingly advanced date. In 2020, the health crisis linked to Covid pushed back the “overrun day” by 3 weeks, setting it at August 22. Unfortunately, over the past two years, resource consumption has returned to its pre-pandemic pace.
What if, on our scale, we also fought against overconsumption? By hunting down waste, rationalizing our energy and water consumption, practicing exchange, giving a second life to clothes and objects, but also by turning to better-made and more sustainable products.

Conscious purchases

This date, which occurs earlier each year, scares me. Especially for my son. When I created Nunamae, it was of course to be part of the change. Saving fabric intended to be thrown away to make rugs by hand and in reasonable quantities... it immediately made sense in my mind. Is it sufficient ? I don't know, but I have this feeling of doing the best, of being responsible. As consumers, we also have our role to play in ensuring that this day is no longer so far away. Consuming better is not just about eating better on your plate. Turning to more conscious purchases for your interior also means doing your part. Buying a Nunamae rug, cushion or even a sustainably manufactured pouf means moving things in the right direction, and also contributing to a better and more ethical world.

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