Traveling slowly is possible, and here's how!

Voyager slow, c’est possible, et voici comment !

Take your foot off the gas and forget about chasing tourist activities and places... slow tourism means choosing to travel while taking your time. With a frantic and hyperconnected life 11 months a year, more and more travelers are praising the praise of slowness. Immersion in local life, forgettable itinerary planning, reduced ecological impact, here are some tips to help you slow down on vacation.

A journey of sustainability

Limiting your carbon footprint from the means of transport to get to your vacation spot is the starting point for a Slow mode trip.
Prefer train and coach to plane and car, when possible. Once there, enjoy the experience on foot, by bike or even by bus if you are in town.

As for activities, choose hiking, canoeing, visiting local artisan workshops or even historical monuments. This promotes the local economy, and the planet will be very grateful to you.

Enjoy the moment

Don’t try to check boxes throughout your journey. Take the time to experience the places you visit, rather than crossing them at high speed. Book a few nights in a guest house, stay with a local, dine in a restaurant frequented by locals, walk on the markets. Forget the ultra-busy schedules where you run everywhere for fear of missing something on site. By packing your bags for several days, you savor every moment, without stress, you soak up the vibrations of the place and your emotions are increased tenfold.

Don't plan everything

Have you heard of the term “FOMO” (Fear of missing out)? This syndrome is a kind of anxiety characterized by the constant fear of missing something providing an opportunity to interact socially. And very often, we plan our trips with the aim of missing nothing, at the risk of overloading the schedule with places to see, activities or even outings to do. To enjoy your journey in slow mode, leave room for improvisation. You may fall in love with a place and want to stay there longer. Lean on the tourist guides, but ask the locals to tell you a few secrets. Unforeseen events often reveal pleasant surprises, so let go of the agenda and indulge in a little more spontaneity.

Disconnect completely…

…technology, to better reconnect with nature and those close to you. Fueled by social networks all year round, our daily lives need a real digital detox to fully enjoy the holidays. Ciao Instagram, WhatsApp or even TikTok!

Disconnect your professional email if you can, or force yourself to only check it once every 2-3 days so as not to get immersed in work again. Take photos, but curb your urge to put them online right away (you'll have plenty of time to post them when you get back). Don't be afraid to turn off your phone for a few hours, or leave it at home for a whole day. Anchored in the present, you will relearn how to savor the simplest joys.

Take time for yourself

Aperitifs with friends, meal preparation, activities galore… take a break! The holidays are also the time to get face to face with yourself, at least for a few hours. And above all, don't feel guilty about taking this moment for yourself!

It is essential to well-being, to disconnection, and above all you will appreciate the time spent with your loved ones even more. A walk, a good book curled up in a hammock, a massage, a coffee on the terrace… give yourself this gift!

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