Alexandra Lhote, architect and holistic interior designer

Alexandra Lhote, architecte et décoratrice d’intérieur holistique

“The soul of a house reflects that of its inhabitant” . It is with this kindness that Alexandra Lhote, architect and interior designer, imagines her clients' projects. A holistic and spiritual approach for which authenticity, joy and serenity are the key words.

Who are you ?

My name is Alexandra Lhote , I am 27 years old, I am an interior designer and I live and work in Sallanches in Haute-Savoie (at the foot of Mont-Blanc).

What are your sources of inspiration?

Both personally and professionally, my main source of inspiration is people. Its uniqueness, its wholeness and its constantly evolving vision allows us to create infinitely.
Each project is differentiated by the different people who carry it out and the symbiosis that results from it. Sensitive to energies, particularly those of nature, I like to feel them and draw inspiration from them to imagine a vibrant place.

I am also inspired by the pioneers of architecture and design, there are so many styles brought to light in recent centuries. I use them to pick, mix and compose in order to obtain the desired atmosphere. In the times we live in, I do not claim to say that I embody or invent a style but that I like to have fun with what exists and rework it according to my sensitivity.

Your small everyday gestures for a more sustainable world?

On a personal level, I turned to a zero waste approach a few years ago. Starting with the bathroom and creating my own cosmetics. Then it spread to the rest of the house. Over the years my way of doing things has evolved, I favor solid soaps, bulk soaps, and I limit overconsumption for better quality pieces.

I have also become vegetarian and drastically limit my plane travel.

Obviously, my current consumption is not perfect, I try to find a compromise between mental load, budget and ecology and do my best.

On a professional level, I offer remote support to avoid long journeys and I like to support my clients towards slower and more conscious consumption.

Your advice for adopting a Slow lifestyle?

The most important thing: slow down and rethink our present. Do we really need this latest phone? From this connected speaker? Or this umpteenth vase, cushion, item of clothing, car?
We live in an era where overconsumption reigns supreme and where we find our value in our possessions. Let's look through another prism where our value is found in who we are and not in what we have.

There are multiple alternatives to consume better: mainly second-hand (with sites like Leboncoin, Vinted or even flea markets where we always find wonders), favoring beautiful materials or promoting more local and more ecological production. And if for one or more reasons we have to turn to fast fashion / fast decoration, then consume consciously and with our heart! Buy what will be useful, practical, solid and aesthetic to keep it as long as possible.
And above all, learn to be content with what you have, find happiness in the accumulation of joyful moments and not in the accumulation of goods.

On what values ​​is your support in interior decoration based?

An interior architecture and decoration project relies on trust between clients and me. Which is not always obvious when you don't know yourself. So I try to establish natural and fluid communication based on listening, authenticity and understanding emotions. Convinced that the soul of a place is the reflection of its inhabitant, I tend to understand who it is in its entirety. Hence the notion of holistic which derives from the Greek “holos” and means “a whole”. I like to take the time to discuss their present and future projects, their daily lives and habits. A certain intimacy forms so that I can meet their needs.

For people most receptive to the holistic approach, I support them with professionals specializing in inner well-being, such as specialists in lithotherapy and feng shui, or also in the approach to inner purification which is increasingly in demand. .

And in order to refine the project towards a more ecological and healthier dimension, I offer healthier materials, produced by more conscious brands seeking to do better. Coupled with upcycling, we create unique projects!

What eco-responsible solutions do you propose in your projects?

As I said previously, a project takes on a more conscious dimension when we tend to use healthier materials and materials. To cite a few examples:

- HEKKO brand paint: vegetable, natural, biodegradable and ecological paint without toxicity, VOC and odor, therefore without danger to health.

- MOSA brand ceramics: highlighting sustainable and Cradle to Cradle certified materials. That is to say, they reuse raw materials in an unlimited manner through the use of renewable energies to manufacture their products! As they say: zero waste, zero shortages and zero limitations.

- And obviously Nunamae, a must have in my opinion: rugs made from cotton waste recovered from textile factories in Portugal. This value of upcycling that I am looking for and which is attracting more and more people. Plus they are machine washable (the housewife in me is delighted!).

Add to that second-hand research and a team of craftsmen with in-depth knowledge of energy standards, it’s a hit.

Your mantra?

“Whatever happens, everything will be fine.”
When you're a control freak like me and it's hard to let go in both professional and personal life, this sentence is a lifesaver! It allows you to step back and enjoy the present moment.

Your favorite piece at Nunamae?

The LUCA rug in recycled cotton of course! I love it, it's plush, soft, enveloping, warm and with values ​​that make sense, what more could you ask for? And I will very soon succumb to its charms, by offering it to my clients, it will be perfect for my office.
The beanbags are also wonderful. Thank you for being a committed brand and offering us quality products.

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