Reconnecting with nature

En reconnexion avec la nature

Stroll by bike, pick a bouquet of wild flowers, read a book in a park, take a nap in a hammock... the arrival of spring invites you to reconnect with the outdoors. According to numerous studies, spending time outside reduces anxiety, stress and even helps combat insomnia. While we coexist with technology on a daily basis, completely detaching ourselves from it for even just 30 minutes during a walk would be beneficial for our well-being. Ready to recharge your batteries in the great outdoors?

Faced with the omnipresence of screens, we spend less and less time outdoors. And more and more of us are suffering from a lack of nature and this sedentary life. In children, this lack of contact with nature can have serious consequences for their development and concentration. In adults, it results in extreme stress which can lead to depression. Parks, fields, forests, gardens... whether you are in the city or in the countryside, it is essential to take the time to recharge your batteries to find calm and peace.

Gardening to unwind

Gardening would allow you to achieve a state of well-being comparable to that provided by the practice of yoga and meditation. Put on your gloves, take out your shovel, and enjoy this state of concentration provided by planting seeds, repotting, weeding or even watering.

You don't need to be an expert or have a large garden to enjoy the benefits of this activity. On a windowsill or on a balcony, install pots and hanging planters to plant some seasonal flowers and cultivate your own aromatic herbs. Pampering them every day will give you a few minutes of happiness, necessary to unwind after work for example. Finally, if that's not enough, think about shared gardens. They are more and more widespread and at the same time allow you to meet new people with whom to exchange ideas.

Meditate in nature

Sitting outside can lower blood pressure, slow heart rate and reduce cortisol levels. When we are outdoors, the body slows down and it is easier to find calm.
This is the perfect setting to indulge in meditation. Meditating makes us lighter and more serene. In a city park or in the countryside, sit on the grass, at the foot of a tree, and choose a posture that is comfortable for you. Above all, turn off your electronic devices so as not to pollute this moment of communion. Close your eyes and breathe at your own pace, becoming aware of each of your inhalations and exhalations.

Nature radiates energies, and when you meditate in contact with it, you benefit from a wider field of vision, which is not hindered by the walls of your house. The soundscape, softer and more pleasant, also plays a role. Who doesn't prefer the chirping of birds and the blowing of the wind, to the honking of car horns and the nuisance of neighbors? All you have to do is savor this moment of freedom, imbued with serenity.

Indulge in silvotherapy

Swap the crowds in the city for a peaceful forest bath. Sylvotherapy is an ancestral practice which helps to rebalance the body on an emotional and physical level, thanks to contact with trees. Originally from Japan, sylvotherapy is very popular in the United States and is gaining ground in France.

What if walking in the forest was the most effective natural way to combat stress and recharge your batteries? A simple solo walk, or a hike with others, to observe these trees as far as the eye can see. Soak up the energies and cherish the ambient calm. And why not indulge in “tree hugging”, the art of hugging trees and communicating with them?

Vibrating in contact with nature is within everyone’s reach. Open the door wide, breathe in, disconnect, explore, and above all take care of yourself. Your body and mind will express their gratitude to you!

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