Emmanuelle Mayer, a daily newspaper focused on living differently

Emmanuelle Mayer, un quotidien tourné vers le vivre-autrement

Founder of Manola magazine, Emmanuelle Mayer is an expert in renovation and sustainable decoration. In her town house in Limousin, she experiments with a short circuit lifestyle with her two daughters (in alternate residence). Passionate about ecology, craftsmanship and living differently, she gives us behind the scenes of an eco-responsible daily life.

Who are you ?

I am Emmanuelle Mayer , journalist, photographer, communications consultant and, since 2021, editor of the magazine Manola . It is a paper magazine but also a newsletter and an Instagram account dedicated to the ethics and aesthetics of the house. On the personal side (although for me professional and personal are completely linked!), I have two daughters who are entering adolescence, and I live in an eco-renovated house in a dynamic town in the Limousin countryside.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Photography, graphic design, architecture, crafts and art in general inspire me a lot. But my ideas for articles or photo styling mainly come from encounters, whether during reports for Manola, while surfing Instagram or chatting with my lover! Once I have an idea, I research it thoroughly before launching. Unfortunately I don't always have the time or the possibilities to realize all the ideas that cross my brain.

Your small everyday gestures for a more sustainable world?

Do my fresh shopping at the organic farmers' market, compost my waste, be careful when traveling by car... But overall, my main action is to consume little or very little, whether it be objects or clothing. or travel.

Your advice for adopting a Slow lifestyle?

Being creative and hyperactive, I'm not in the best position to give advice on living slowly, but I'm getting better every year! The best way I've found to slow down is to read books or magazines (like Manola)!

Digital encourages compulsive clicking, paper forces you to sit down and concentrate. Otherwise, I don't hesitate to lighten my schedule of anything that is not necessary because my daughters and I love hanging out at home. Finally, reduce the number of machines at home (small appliances, robots, etc.) and simply take the time to do things.

Habits to change for a more ethical and sustainable home?

Make do with what you have! Buy less and create more. And if you have to buy, choose ethical brands (like Nunamae!) and resource stores.

What feeling do you get from handcrafted pieces?

I love them so much! Craftsmanship is unique, it carries a story, we never tire of it. I still love the ceramics I brought back from my travels 20 years ago!

Your mantra?

Living differently is now!

Your favorite piece at Nunamae?

The Luca Camel rug ! I love beiges and browns and this soft recycled cotton...


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