Why buy a Nunamae piece for Christmas?

Pourquoi acheter une pi√®ce Nunamae pour No√ęl ?

Is it really possible to combine an ecological approach and an ethical Christmas? The answer is yes ! And it is by turning to well-made pieces, handcrafted and respectful of the environment, that the gifts slipped under the tree take on their full meaning. In this quest for the durable and timeless present, Nunamae is a great alternative for a conscious purchase.

A virtuous approach

Creating a sustainable project that would have a positive impact on the environment and society was our ambition when creating Nunamae. This is why we turned to cotton waste recovered from textile factories in Portugal to first make our rugs , then our poufs and our cushion covers . Offering a second life to what would normally have been wasted or thrown away gives meaning to what we do every day. Since our launch in August 2020, 12 tonnes of fiber have already been saved!

Respectful production

In addition to the recycled fibers which make our products sustainable, it is also their artisanal production in Portugal which adds value to them. Nunamae is committed to highlighting ancestral know-how, as well as the meticulous work of passionate and committed artisans working on old wooden looms or on semi-automatic machines. You may not know it, but most of our pieces are made without water or electricity. A minimum of resources, a very low or even non-existent environmental impact, hand-in-hand collaboration with well-paid family workshops, this is the very essence of our values.

A unique and timeless piece

By creating Nunamae, we took the challenge of bringing traditional Portuguese know-how up to date. But also that of producing simple, natural, eco-responsible and above all timeless collections. In a Slow approach, where today's cool will still be cool in several seasons, we have focused on sober lines, soft colors and minimalist patterns. The objective: timeless and elegant pieces, easy to combine, of which we never tire, and which we cherish over time, for their style but also their quality. Because our strength also lies in the durability of our products. Soft, durable, hypoallergenic, washable... you are sure to enjoy them for many years.

Buying a Nunamae product is not just about adopting a beautiful decorative piece in your home. It is also about engaging in a virtuous circle and contributing, on your own scale, to making this world more beautiful and more conscious.

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