How to spend the end of year celebrations in slow mode?

Comment passer des fêtes de fin d’année en mode slow ?

Favoring authenticity and reconnecting with the essentials, that's the art of a slow end of year. Slow down your consumption, change some habits, enjoy yours, here are 8 ways to help you celebrate the holidays in all conscience.

1- Say no to overconsumption

Gifts, yes, but not too many. Stop overconsumption! Nearly one in two French people plan to resell their Christmas present, so this year, we're spoiling our loved ones in another way. Rather than multiplying presents under the tree, choose a beautiful, useful gift that is sure to be a hit. To do this, don't be afraid to ask other members of the family to make a common pot. Too bad if everyone doesn't have the possibility of putting in the same budget, the objective being to find the present that will please the person who receives it. And if you're afraid of making a mistake: think about a gift card , many ethical e-shops offer them (and this is also our case!).

2- Consume local

From the tree to the guinea fowl, including the gifts we give each other, for the holidays this year, it's the locality that is there. If you are lucky enough to have designer markets near you, go for it! You will meet great people there and thus support a local artisan who strives to offer pieces made with care. Favoring the short circuit for meals is even easier! By buying directly from producers, on the farm, or in the markets, you can be sure that you are eating seasonal, quality products whose origin you know. Your plate will definitely have a different flavor.

3- Choose sustainable gifts

Buy less and buy better. This year under the tree, we are banning gifts whose environmental commitment is questionable. To find lasting gifts, head to the workshops of artisans, potters or woodworkers, whose handmade pieces have a particular flavor. We dare to use homemade gifts: soaps, sweaters, personalized napkins, sweet treats or second-hand ones. Also think about dematerialized gifts such as a voucher for an introduction to craft work, a meditation course or even a getaway to a pretty cabin.

4- Think about more responsible packaging

No more mountains of torn colored paper at the foot of the tree! The packaging of the presents also plays the ecological card. With reusable items for example, like these pieces of fabric that you fold and tie until you obtain a delicate and refined package. The eternal boldness gives way to authentic linen ribbons or jute spools which can be used again on occasion. Without forgetting the tissue or kraft papers, received in our packages all year round, which transform into raw and nicely crumpled packages.

5- Focus on timeless decoration

We avoid setting our sights on pieces that are too “trendy” and instead focus on timeless objects. For what ? Well so as not to get bored. So, even if this dachshund-shaped ball is very cute, ask yourself before putting it in your basket: would I still want to hang it on the branches of the tree in a few years? Our advice: favor sober, minimalist decorations as much as possible and which give pride of place to natural materials and just add a few notes of fantasy for fun.

6- Enjoy yours

Treating yourself to quality time with your family is undoubtedly the best gift you can give yourself at the end of the year. Get together over a good dinner, obviously, but why not prepare it together? A walk, a game of board games, a show, a good film all curled up together on the sofa... Plan this moment in advance in the schedule to be sure to really enjoy it.

7- Do a digital detox

You will have plenty of time to post your photos on social networks once the new year begins. The hashtag #latergram is there for that ;)
Cut off your professional email box, don't spend hours glued to the television, close your computer for a few days... reconnect with yourself, but also with others, by leaving the screens aside. More human and conviviality is still nicer, right?

8- Really take the time

Avoid at all costs running in all directions so as not to start the new year on the knees. While the holiday season is often synonymous with excess, cultivating the art of procrastination seems to be the best way to slow down. Do things well, give them the time they deserve, take a breath, relax, discover yourself. Taking the time does not necessarily mean doing nothing, but rather doing well. Savor these moments, they are precious and refreshing.

We take this opportunity to wish you a happy holiday season. Thank you for what we shared during these 365 days and look forward to seeing you again in 2024 for the rest of our adventures.

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