Recycled materials that are popular in 2024

Les matières recyclées qui ont la cote en 2024

Decorating without polluting, this is a 2024 resolution that deserves to be kept! In France, more than 1.3 million tonnes of furniture are thrown away each year. To deal with this waste, recycled materials come into play. Plastic, textile fibers and other more surprising materials are reinventing the decorative universe, while respecting the planet. Bonus, they are as trendy as they are timeless. Shall we take stock together?

Recycled plastic

It is now a must-have in collections as it allows the manufacture of diverse and varied objects. Recycled plastic is increasingly popular in the decorative world because of its numerous ecological and aesthetic advantages. Lights, vases, photo frames, armchairs, table legs and even cushions and rugs now use this material to considerably reduce their ecological footprint. Some brands and designers are even betting on reusing plastic waste recovered from the ocean to raise awareness of marine pollution. A true circular economy that does good for the planet!

Recycled textile fibers

If you are on our site, you know that at Nunamae our rugs, poufs and cushions are made from recycled textile fibers . Cotton more precisely, from factories in Portugal, which was intended to be thrown away. If this material is appreciated in decorative collections, it is also found in our interiors in another way: in thermal insulation panels! Walls, roofs, floors, these can be used throughout the house. When we know that the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, it would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it, right?

Recycled paper

Posters, notebooks, lamps, vases, boxes and even sculptural decorative objects, recycled paper (or papier-mâché) inspires creators and major brands who have used the material. The irregular and unique aesthetic of the pieces that have relied on it probably has nothing to do with it! Without forgetting, the icing on the cake, its low environmental footprint. The best part: you can easily get started on creating your dream room thanks to dozens of online tutorials on social networks. Codename: #paperpulp

Recycled wood

Wood is a noble material but its production has a significant impact on our ecosystem (deforestation, pollution, etc.). On this side too, it is possible to make efforts thanks to recycled wood collections. Made from old doors, old frames, boat hulls or even scraps from industry, it reveals a unique aesthetic. Combining old-world charm and durability, recycled wood has done it, and we love it.

Recycled glass

Avoiding taking raw materials from a natural environment such as sand and limestone, saving water and energy normally used during the transformation of the material, the benefits of recycling glass for the planet are significant. Crockery, vases, tealight holders, when you can, choose pieces that have used recycled glass (and there are more and more of them). Some brands have even pushed the idea by transforming old wine bottles into glasses, carafes, candles or even vases. Clever, right?

Recycled shells

Yes, yes, you read that right!

The shell is gaining ground in our interiors and not only in its familiar form. We are interested here in the shells of oysters, mussels, whelks and even clams, dried in an oven before being reduced to powder, to make decorative objects and furniture. In a terrazzo effect, tables, coasters and even wall tiles come to life. So, conquered?

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