Jute and recycled cotton: discover our new Laure and Augusta rugs

Jute et coton recyclé : découvrez nos nouveaux tapis Laure et Augusta

A sustainable plant-based material, jute is featured in the new Nunamae rug collection. Appreciated for its raw and natural appearance, a bit bohemian, this fiber is undoubtedly part of our eco-responsible approach. Without further delay, we present to you Laure and Augusta, our rugs which harmoniously mix jute and recycled cotton.

Jute: this solid and natural material

Jute fiber is a plant-based, biodegradable and recyclable material widely used in the textile industry. It is also the most produced fiber in the world, and it is in South Asia, particularly in India and Bangladesh, that 95% of the world's crops are found. Made from jute bark, this natural fiber reveals very appreciated characteristics: softness, shine, length and even resistance, to name a few. Coverings, carpets and of course bags have long benefited from its many qualities.

Is jute eco-responsible?

The answer is yes ! Although it is mainly produced on the other side of the world for climatic reasons (its cultivation requires a tropical climate with particular conditions such as the monsoon for it to develop), jute has a real positive impact on the planet. First, it improves air quality, by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. But that's not all ! Jute cultivation also improves the quality of the land once harvested. Thanks to the plant's waste which mixes with it, the land benefits, without doing anything, from a fertilizer favorable to the next crops. Finally, its production requires little surface area and requires few fertilizers and pesticides.

Laure and Augusta: our rugs in jute and recycled cotton

Unlike the cotton we use, the jute fiber present in Laure and Augusta rugs is not recycled. But it is a very natural and sustainable material, and it is this aspect which was very important to me. The desire to introduce jute into this collection of rugs was both a desire for a new aesthetic, but also to offer even more solid products. The use of this plant fiber actually reinforces the durability of the models thanks to its natural resistance.
The result is just like what I had imagined for months. Visually, I was looking for something more raw, but also easier to maintain on a daily basis. These can easily withstand vacuuming, but cannot be machine washed unlike models made from 100% recycled cotton!

To discover now on the e-shop: the Laure model available in three shades ( beige , ecru and brown ) and the Augusta model available in ecru or beige version.

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