Cozy Casbah, spiritual interior decoration focused on well-being

Cosy Casbah, une décoration d’intérieur spirituelle et tournée vers le bien-être

Allowing everyone to evolve in an environment that provides well-being and contributes to their development is the leitmotif of Léa Lutz-Ramoul, interior designer behind Cozy Casbah. Léa opens the doors to her universe and her thoughts to help us achieve daily harmony with our habitat.

Who are you ?

I am Léa Lutz-Ramoul, interior decorator and healer. Founder of Cozy Casbah and the Intuitive Déco © method. I live north of Lyon, on the banks of the Saône.

What are your sources of inspiration?

My greatest source of inspiration is living things! I explore my environment with my five senses, and I focus my attention on what appeals to me or which gives me well-being. I like to observe the cycle of the seasons, appreciating what is. I also like reading, watching series and listening to podcasts. I am enriched by the experiences and points of view of others. I find in each of these supports avenues of reflection that allow me to look inside myself and then broaden my perception of the world.

Your small everyday gestures for a more sustainable world?

I don’t know if I’m a very good student of sustainable living. But in my small victories there are:

- the installation on my initiative of a shared composter in our residence 4 years ago, and it is a great success!

- I helped turn off the lights in our residence at night. We are on the edge of the forest and the hooting at night tells me it was a good thing.

- I also limit electromagnetic pollution in my home as much as possible: WI-FI, Bluetooth and mobile data are turned off, as much as possible, to preserve our health.

Your advice for adopting a Slow lifestyle ?

I am not an expert on Slow , but what I am sure of is that time is our best ally when we know how to recognize its value. What has helped me the most in my life is finding my own rhythm. For this, I was inspired by the cycle of the seasons:

  1. The contemplation

In this phase, I take the time to observe my needs, my desires and the outside world. I can ask myself “What makes sense to me?” " , "what do I want to contribute to", "what would I like to create? » . At that moment, I am active in my thoughts, but still passive in my actions. I can then write down my ideas, emotions and thoughts.

  1. Creation

In this phase I can take action based on the findings of phase 1. I put things in place that will contribute to my well-being.

  1. Appreciation

In this phase, I benefit from all my new habits. I enjoy it with enthusiasm and pleasure.

  1. Introspection

In this harvest phase, I begin to identify the less comfortable things that these new habits have generated in my daily life. I can then choose to keep the beneficial and get rid of the less comfortable.

I can then continue this virtuous cycle with each of the phases, nourished by my own appreciations.

How to combine habitat and well-being?

There are as many recipes for well-being at home as there are human beings on this planet! The house is a reflection of our inner worlds. By taking care of my home, I take care of my body which is itself the home of my soul. There is a direct and very powerful connection between soul, body and home. If I create a magnificent decor that doesn't resemble me, I will certainly have created something beautiful, but it will be superficial. To combine habitat with well-being, we can start by asking ourselves “who am I?” » and “what do I need?” »

Is timelessness the key to successful decor?

In my opinion, decoration is the story of a life! We never finish our decor, it evolves with us, it follows the major stages of our lives. Which is not an invitation to overconsume, but rather to accept that timelessness is different from eternity. Is a timeless piece on the scale of a lifetime or of several generations? Is it durable enough to stand the test of time?

I always recommend thinking about each space according to the fundamental needs and lifestyle of the inhabitants of the place. So decorating at home takes time, in this sense timelessness is interesting. For me, successful decor is decor that allows my living space to be sufficiently refreshing, secure and supportive to allow me to explore the world.

Your mantra?

Take care of yourself and your home 🫶🏻

Your favorite piece at Nunamae?

I really fell in love with the Jude, size L. The color and feel are absolutely perfect for me. I placed it in my office, with all my plants around it, and I very often sit on it to think, to meditate or to create.

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