8 good reasons to adopt a carpet in your home

8 bonnes raisons d’adopter un tapis chez soi

The rug is a key piece in the decoration of a home, both for its aesthetic appearance and for its ability to organize spaces. Cozy, comfortable and ultra decorative, here are 8 good reasons to adopt one in your home!

1 - For its decorative effect

A rug can change the atmosphere of a room in the blink of an eye thanks to its decorative power. Without necessarily following trends, it aims to bring character and personality, without imposing itself too much visually. Berber for a bohemian spirit, plain for a minimalist style, colorful for a joyful atmosphere... there are a thousand and one models to give your interior THE desired look. In terms of natural materials, the choice is also vast: cotton, wool, jute, bamboo, silk... all you have to do is determine the rug that will be best able to fulfill its mission in your home.

2 - For its comfortable appearance

If you find that your rooms have a cold and unwelcoming appearance, perhaps it is necessary to dress them with one or more rugs. In the bedroom when you get out of bed or in the living room where you spend a lot of time barefoot, the soft feel of the rug is a wonderful source of comfort and softness. As pleasant for the eyes as for the general atmosphere in which it creates a feeling of well-being and comfort.

3 - To delimit spaces

One of the major assets of the rug is its ability to define different zones in the same room while preserving harmony. At a time when the trend is for open-plan spaces, the latter makes it possible to distinguish the relaxation area from that intended for meals.
To structure the living room, choose a model a little wider than the sofa that you slide under the coffee table. Furniture and armchairs are then installed around it to offer a real feeling of space.
In a master suite, the latter can, for example, materialize the separation between the sleeping area and the bathroom.

4 - To hide a damaged floor

Changing the floor in a room is a very expensive item and not always within our reach. And when we are tenants, there is even less question of embarking on major work. The more affordable and, above all, easier to operate solution is of course to adopt one or more carpets to camouflage any defects due to time or the quality of the materials.

5 - To reduce noise

If noise is a real nuisance in old buildings, it is perfectly possible to improve the sound comfort of your neighbors. The solution: a carpet in living spaces such as in the dining room to reduce the movement of chairs, in the bedroom to soften late footsteps or even in the living room where we frequently walk.
We also rely on it in places of passage such as the entrance or corridors to dampen the sound of footsteps.
Some are even designed to absorb sound thanks to their sound-absorbing material, their dense weave and their multi-layers.

6 - To save energy

As energy prices explode, finding alternatives to keep your home warm at a lower cost is the talk of the town. If closing your shutters and adopting thermal curtains are often used tips, investing in carpets in the different rooms of the house is also an idea to consider to save energy.
You should know that 15% of heat escapes through the ground. Carpets are therefore very good allies in preventing the cold from entering your home through the floors.

7 - For safety

Is the floor of your entrance, your living room or even your bedroom too slippery? Remedy the problem by adopting a rug adapted to this space. In children's rooms, it is also recommended to prevent and cushion falls.

8 - For its ecological side

By adopting a Nunamae rug, it is also an ecological gesture that you are making to fight against the textile industry, one of the most polluting in the world. We use 100% recycled fibers from textile waste from local factories in Portugal for our pieces. We also work with other natural materials like jute and wool, both of which have minimal impact on the environment. In addition to their appearance, our rugs also have the particularity of being unique pieces thanks to their manufacturing by hand or on semi-automatic looms in small family factories. Our goal has always been to work with small manufacturers and artisans to encourage their production, paying a fair price for each piece.
It is this quality that your interior benefits from every day when it is accompanied by one of our pieces made with love.

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